Frequently asked questions

  1. Where can I find a copy of The TPG?
    We deliver to many outlets including all clients, supermarkets (incl. Iceland in Golf del Sur and Los Cristianos), bars, cafes, restaurants, golf courses, shopping malls and other hotspots. All places where you will usually find free papers.
  2. How many copies are printed each month?
    Currently we print 5,000 copies.
  3. Do you ever plan to print more copies?
    The current figure has been refined in consultation with clients over many years and is reviewed regularly.
  4. Where is The TPG printed?
    By Artes Graficas in Gran Canaria and shipped to Tenerife early the following morning ready for delivery.
  5. How often do you deliver?
    We deliver 50% of the copies on the first day to all our distribution points, the balance split equally over the following weeks and on request.
  6. Can I see the paper online?
    Yes. The TPG is available to read online or to download as a PDF. We also summarise the issue each month on its own page available here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to find out when each edition is published (generally the first Wednesday of every month with deliveries commencing the Thursday after this).
  7. Where can I find the next print dates?
    The print dates for 2020 are available here.
  8. What foreign exchange company does The TPG recommend?
    We recommend Currencies Direct.
  9. Do you have social media?
    Yes. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  10. When and where was The TPG founded?
    2004, Las Galletas.
  11. Did the TPG get printed during the Coronavirus lockdown?
    We didn't print in both April and May but got back to normal in June.

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