Summary of the Government’s Economic Measures

4 Categories:
  1. Measures to support families in vulnerable situations
  2. Initiatives to help all workers
  3. Reinforcement of business and personal liquidity
  4. Support for scientific research.

Among these measures is the moratorium imposed on banks in the payment of mortgages for the first home of workers affected by the coronavirus crisis, the streamlining of temporary dismissal files (ERTE) and the prohibition of the cutting off basic supplies such as water, electricity and gas.

Moratorium on mortgage payments

This is for first home mortgages and for those people who have seen their income cut or have lost their jobs. It does not mean that the principal and interest owed by the client will be forgiven, just that payments will be delayed. "In the crisis, no one will be evicted from their home for having a difficult time," said the President when presenting the measure. Only those affected who have mortgages are covered but those who are renting were not mentioned, so it is not generalized housing aid.

Basic supplies are protected: electricity, water and gas

There is a prohibition against the cutting off of basic supplies (water, electricity and gas) to vulnerable groups. For the first time, they are going to "guarantee telecommunications services."

Measures in the labour market

Regarding measures relating to employment and the labour market, the Executive has focused on four important areas:

  1. Teleworking
  2. Flexibility of the working hours
  3. Collection of unemployment benefits
  4. Moratorium on the payment of self-employed workers

The objective is that workers are not to be fired, it is about preventing a temporary crisis from having a permanent negative impact on our labour market

Among the measures are:

  • Make any Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) more flexible: These are considered force majeure and the employees affected by them have the right to unemployment benefits. It is also approved that in the case of ERTE the employer is exempt from Social Security business contributions.
  • Allow the collection of unemployment benefit without the minimum contribution: Normally it takes a year of work to access unemployment benefits. Furthermore, even if unemployment benefit is used, the accumulated unemployment benefit is not discounted.
  • Total adaptation of working hours: Employees' working hours can be discounted by as much as 100% to care for family members.
  • Use 'teleworking' whenever possible
  • Payment facilities and tax moratoriums for companies and self-employed:
    • For the self-employed, access to the benefit for 'cessation of activity will be approved'. Also the cancellation of payments of quotas and the possibility of making an ERTE.
Measures for Companies and self-employed

The Government will provide the country's business network with "all the liquidity it needs".

Health recommendations

From Healthcare they have recommended frequent hand hygiene (washing with soap and water or alcoholic solutions), especially after contact with sick people or their surroundings. They also recommend avoiding contact with people who show signs of respiratory ailments, such as coughing or sneezing, covering your mouth and nose with disposable tissues, or washing your hands. The same generic measures that are frequently recommended to combat the spread of other respiratory diseases like the flu.