Energy Performance Certificates in Spain - January 18

The total number of Certificates carried out in the Canaries since June 2013 now stands at approximately 176,100, with some 2,250 being registered over the month of January. This means that, during this last month, some 400 certificates less than the monthly average over the last year have been carried out (most likely this relates to the Fiesta days at the beginning of the month). The total, of course, groups both residential and commercial properties and those for sale as well as for rent in all of the Islands which together form the Canaries.

For readers unaware of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC's), they were introduced in Spain and its dependencies by Royal Decree on 5th April 2013. This Law requires that, from 1st June 2013, an EPC must be obtained by the owner whenever a domestic or commercial property is Built, Sold or Rented.

Selling your property

From 1st June 2013 property owners are required by law to present an Energy Performance Certificate when a property is placed on the market and prior to any advertising. When the property is sold, the Notary will need to see the EPC, termed the Certificado de Eficiencia Energ├ętica in Spain.

Renting your property

Either you or your agent, must obtain an EPC. An agent will not be legally allowed to offer or advertise your property for long term letting without one. Where a property has already been let prior to 1st June 2013, no EPC is required until one tenant leaves and the property is offered for long term rental again. If your property was built after 2007 you should already have an EPC provided by the seller. If you only rent your property out on a short term basis, for less than 4 months of each year, you may not need to have an EPC. If you are the tenant your landlord or the letting agent should be able to show you the EPC for your property.

The EPC contains:

Information about a property's energy use and typical energy costs, and ecommendations as to how you may be able to reduce energy use and save money. An EPC allocates an Energy Efficiency Rating, ranging from 'A' (most efficient) to 'G' (least efficient). The Certificate, registered with the Canarian Government is valid for 10 years.

How to arrange an EPC:

If you are selling or renting out property, you will need to engage an Accredited Assessor, who will visit your property to inspect and then produce and register your properties Energy Performance Certificate.

If you have any questions, or wish to arrange for me, Philip Wright, to carry out your energy Performance Certificate please call me on 667 757 323.